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Industrial Galvo Systems

LWS 780 Laser System

Turn-key laser marking workstation for industrial marking & labeling

Turn-key marking station for component labeling

The Trotec LWS 780 marking station is a turn-key laser system for industrial marking and labeling with the laser. Typical applications for the LWS 780 include component marking in machine construction and tool construction, and in medical technology and electronics.

Developed for continuous industrial operation

Operating with a maintenance-free laser source and a purely air-cooled laser, the LWS 780 marking station offers you a long service life for a minimum operating costs. The rugged steel plate structure of the enclosure integrates the PC and the laser into one system that has been designed for continuous operation. Depending on the application, the LWS 780 can be equipped with different CO2 and fiber lasers from our SpeedMarker series.

Easy integration into existing systems

Thanks to the customizable SpeedMark laser software, the LWS 780 can be integrated quickly into existing workflows. Other features that ensure smooth integration are the motorized lifting door, the small required floor space, the detachable side panels as well as semi-automatic operation.

Fast laser marking for high productivity

The integrated galvo laser technology allows for marking speeds of more than 400 characters per second. Extremely short throughput times can thus be implemented in component marking. In operation, the LWS 780 does not require any consumables while current consumption is minimal. High productivity in running operation is thus ensured.

Applications for the LWS 780 marking station

Here is an overview of the applications for the LWS 780 laser system:

Electronic component labelling (electronic enclosures, plastic parts)

Machine parts

Medical instruments


Type plates


Promotional items

Tool engraving

 Additional Info

Materials: Acrylic, Films & foils Foam, Glass, Leather, Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Stone, Textiles, Wood

Laser Type: Galvo CO2 or fiber laser

Laser power: 10-50 watt

Work area: 71 x 71mm to 238 x 238 mm (2.8 x 2.8 to 9.4 x 9.4 inch)

Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 1700 x 780 x 960 mm (66.9 x 30.7 x 37.8 inch)

Max. workpiece height: 13,8 x 27,6 x 31,0 inch

Max. engraving speed: SpeedMarker FL to 50w, SpeedMarker CL up to 30W

Mechanical design: Powder coated steel frame, detachable side panels

SpeedMarker FL Galvo Marking Laser

Galvo fiber laser for industrial marking & labeling

Reliable marking laser for industrial applications

The SpeedMarker FL was specially developed for industrial marking. The robust design in IP 54 with maintenance-free laser source guarantees constantly precise marking on the workpiece. Thanks to the modular structure of the laser and the large number of possible options, you can optimally adapt the SpeedMarker FL to your existing processes.

Long service life for minimum maintenance requirement

Trotec systems are designed and tested for long-term use. The most important components are hermetically sealed and protected against dust and dirt. Air cooling and the maintenance-free laser source ensure that service expenditure is reduced to a minimum. In operation, the marking laser does not require any consumables and only a very minor amount of electricity. Maximum economic efficiency during operation is thus guaranteed.

Laser marking at maximum marking speed

The SpeedMarker FL is an industrial galvo marking laser working at outstanding marking speed. With the integrated galvo technology, you can mark electronic components and products in only a few seconds. The digitally controlled writing heads ensure pin sharp marking. Being a fiber laser, the SpeedMarker FL is especially well suited for laser marking and labeling plastics and metals.

Integration into existing systems and processes

The SpeedMarker FL marking laser is equipped with a large number of inputs and connections and is therefore ideally suited for integration into existing plants and processes. Using the "SpeedMark" marking software, you can reproduce all work steps, from data import and serialization through to barcode generation. The graphical user interface of the SpeedMark software can be customized to your requirements and can be configured for individual users by the User Rights Management.

Applications for the SpeedMarker FL marking laser

Here is an overview of the applications for the SpeedMarker FL laser for marking and labelling:

Electronic component labelling (electronic enclosures, plastic parts)

Machine parts

Medical instruments


Type plates


Promotional items

Tool engraving

Additional Info

Materials: Foils & films, Plastics, Metals, Coated metals, Eloxal

Laser Type: Galvo Tb fiber laser, Maintance-free

Laser power: 10, 20, 30, 50 watt, depending on model

Work area: 71(2.8 x 2.8 to 12.2 x 12.2 inch)

Overall dimensions (W x D x H): Laser head 119 x 137 x 528 mm (4.7 x 5.4 x 20.8 inch) ;

Control Unit 487 x 139 x 685 inch - 482 mm rack (19.2 x 5.5 x 27 inch - 19 inch rack) 3 RU

Max. workpiece height: 71 x 71 mm (2.8 x 2.8 inch) to 309 x 309 mm (12.2 x 12.2 inch)

Max. engraving speed: 1000 mm/sec (39.4 inch/sec) 640 Characters/sec

SpeedMarker CL Marking Laser

Galvo CO2 laser for industrial marking & labeling

CO2 laser marking for industrial applications

With the SpeedMarker CL, Trotec offers you a precise and reliable CO2 marking laser for industrial applications. Mark products and electronic components with codes, serial numbers and logos for identification and tracking purposes.

High marking speed and laser power

The most impressive feature the SpeedMarker CL offers is its high marking speed. With the integrated galvo laser technology, it reaches top speeds of more than 400 characters per second. It is thus excellently suited for marking moving parts, for example on conveyor belts (marking-on-the-fly). Furthermore, with its high laser power of up to 200 watt, the SpeedMarker CL laser can be used for both laser engraving and laser cutting.

Integration into existing plants

The SpeedMarker CL galvo marking laser was especially developed for integration into existing processes and plants. Thanks to its modular structure and the large number of available options, you can optimally adapt the galvo marking laser to your requirements. It can be controlled directly via its numerous interfaces. In addition, the included "WeldMark" marking software can be optimally customized to your processes and can be controlled individually by User Rights Management.

A great variety of applications

Typical applications for the SpeedMarker CL galvo marking laser:

Cutting and engraving paper and paperboard

Engraving type plates

Engraving wooden barrels

Cutting and engraving acrylic displays and signs

Cutting and engraving leather

Labeling foodstuff

 Additional Info

Materials: Acrylic, Films & foils, Glass, Leather, Paper, Stone, Textiles

Laser Type: Galvo Sealed-off CO2 laser, maintance-free

Laser power: 30-200 watt

Work area: 70 x 70 bis 850 x 850mm (2.76 x 2.76 to 33.5 x 33.5 inch)

Beam Quality: M2 = 1,1

Max. engraving speed: > 1000 Characters/sec (valid for font size 1mm or 0.04 inchs)

Mechanical design: With work station; laser safety class 1 as OEM Version; laser stafty class 4 certified for CE. FDA Compliant

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