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Laser Engraving DelrinDelrin is a trade name for the Polyacetal (POM) family of materials. This is a commonly used material and is well suited for CO2 laser engraving. No color change is achieved with the laser however it does allow for a very high quality engraved look.

Delrin is commonly used for embossing seals such as a Notary Public would use. The file to be engraved can be produced to make both the positive and negative portion of the embossing die. Lasers are ideal for this due to the high precision of the cut.

Of great importance is the exhaust requirements when doing embossing dies with the laser. A lot of material is removed and removing the dust becomes an issue. Trotec recommends that the end user consult with a dust/fume removal expert to determine the exhaust requirements to remove this material.

Download the latest Trotec Laser PDF Brochure for more information