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Laser Cutting Plastic Foil KeyboardsTrotec laser systems are perfectly suited for processing delicate materials such as film and foils. The process is contact-free, so the material is not subjected to any mechanical load and as such the surface structure remains intact. This makes the applicable Trotec laser systems ideal for flexible, fast production of small to medium-sized products.

Trotec lasers can engrave complex images on film and can effortlessly process thin fiber film that tend to fray during conventional processing. With the laser, the edges are continuous and are “sealed” during cutting. This offers a fast and cost effective way of processing.

The i-Cut® Vision registration-mark recording and cut-path compensation system recognizes distortions in printed materials and precisely aligns the cut path. This method is Indispensable in the printing industry and in the manufacture of plastic foil keyboards.

Precise laser cutting of polycarbonate, polyester or polyimide membrane keyboards with a Trotec laser

A Trotec laser can control the fusing of foils and films, and produces clear and sealed cutting edges. With a Trotec laser, even the smallest radii can be cut precisely and produce simple geometries at record speed. The entire laser process is also 'contact less', which means there is no pressure exerted on foils or films (ie nothing touches the materials). As a result, the end product will turn out perfect, each and every time. The other plus is if you laser cut foil or film with a Trotec laser, there will be no paint chipping from the final product, as opposed to working with a punch or a knife.

The benefits of a Trotec laser cutting machine: A Trotec laser is faster than a cutting plotter, more precise than punching dies, and more economical for small runs up to 1,000 pieces.

How does laser cutting of foils and films work?

The controlled fusing by a Trotec laser of foils and films ensures clean cutting edges without any soiling. A Trotec laser offers many advantages when working with multilayer films. Several layers, such as backing, adhesive and top film, can be cut in one work step. Depending on the layer structure and the strength of the film, up to 10 layers at once can be cut in the composite material.

Do I have to fix the material to the work surface?

No, do you don't have to manually fix the foil and film to the work surface. For the best laser cutting results, we recommend using a vacuum table. A vacuum table ensures thin or wavy materials are positioned flat on the work area, for optimal laser cutting. As no pressure is exerted on foils and films during laser cutting, clamping or any other type of fixing is not required. This saves time and money preparing material, and also prevents crushing of the foil and film during the laser process. When you look at all of these advantages, a Trotec laser is the perfect machine for cutting foils and films.

Why will I work faster with a Trotec laser than with a cutting plotter?

Precisely matched axis drives and an innovative control system ensures Trotec laser systems generate precise and faster laser cutting. Unlike cutting plotters, there is no material resistance when lasers are used, and as a result, laser cutting is faster. Another plus is the laser beam doesn't need to be lifted or rotated with a knife. Trotec laser systems make optimal use of this advantage with speed and detail, in particular when working on delicate geometries.

Do I require special accessories for accurate laser cutting of foils and films?

When you want to process printed products, a camera system is an ideal accessory to enhance your laser's capabilities. The i-cut® camera system allows for perfect contour cutting of printed materials, even flexible materials like banners and flags, are cut accurately. There is no time-consuming positioning of foils and films, any distortions in the impression are detected, and the cutting path is then adapted. You can save up to 30% of process costs by combining an i-cut® optical registration mark detection system with a Trotec laser. There are no costs for manufacturing, maintenance and storage of the cutting dies. In addition, the work is very flexible and you can respond to any design changes in the shortest possible time.

Trotec is happy to conduct FREE feasibility testing of any process. If interested, please send us your production details and product specifications.

Download the latest Trotec Laser PDF Brochure for more information