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Leather is a versatile material which is great for engraving. You can give wallets, folders, briefcases, bracelets, belts or shoes an extra touch of elegance and value with personalized engraving.

How do you engrave leather with a laser?

The laser sublimates the surface of the leather, meaning the leather changes to its gaseous phase (evaporates). This is similar to the laser process for paper and wood. You can increase the engraving depth on leather by increasing laser power and decreasing travel speed. While genuine leather produces the best results, many imitation leathers are also suitable for processing with a Trotec laser.

What are the advantages of working leather on a laser machine?

When laser cutting, etching and engraving leather, motifs, letters and designs are burnt into the leather. Another plus of laser cutting or laser engraving leather is the clean and sealed cutting edge it produces, there is no fraying of material.

Why is a laser cutter faster than a cutting plotter?

Unlike other methods, a Trotec laser is 'contact less'. Leather is a tough material, and produces significant resistance and drag when using normal cutting tools. The laser beam directly etches onto the leather without any tools physically contacting the material. Another benefit is the laser produces consistent results faster, without any wear or tear on the leather. so, it's better to laser cut your leather material.

Do I have to fix the leather on the working surface?

No. The laser doesn't exert any pressure on the leather during the cutting process, so you don't need to clamp or fix the material. Simply insert the piece of leather you wish to work with and start the laser process. This saves time and money preparing the material and throughout the laser process.