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Metal Marking

Laser Marking MetalsLaser marking metals such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and others is a very common industrial application, allowing users in a range of industries to permanently mark their parts and equipment with serial numbers, barcodes, data matrixes, production dates, logos, and more.

Laser marking equipment offers abrasion-proof, durable, fraud-protected, and thermally- and chemically-resistant markings for any type of metal. The laser marking process is fast, precise, contact-free, and extremely flexible.

Trotec offers a range of CO2, Nd:YAG anf Fiber laser marking systems for metals:

CO2 laser technology is ideal for metals such as anodized aluminium, and on coated or refined metal surfaces. CO2 lasers can also achieve annealing effects using a high output, and can be used to create inscriptions on bare metals by applying a special spray to the metal surface prior to irradiation. This method leads to a very robust, long-lasting, "burn-in" metal marking effect. CO2 solutions

Nd:YAG and Fiber laser solutions offer direct marking of metals, resulting in gravures or merely an annealing effect, depending on the beam parameters and the used material.

Download the latest Trotec Laser PDF Brochure for more information