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Plastic Marking

Laser Marking PlasticsMany commonly used plastic items can be marked with a laser for traceability, decoration and product identification purposes. Several plastics, when marked with the laser, allow for a contrasting mark that does not degrade the material itself. YVO4 and Fiber lasers create a "color change", "foaming effect" or a "carbonization" of the material which in turn develops the contrast mark. Because of the contrast tendencies, the laser can even apply machine readable barcodes and 2D matrix codes.

There is sometimes some smoke and debris caused by the interaction between the laser and material, so it is strongly recommended that the end user take advantage of the large range of exhaust options Trotec offers.

As opposed to many other traditional methods of marking plastic, the advantages of laser processing include:

Very fast writing speeds

Permanent marking that is resistant to solvents, IR radiation etc...

Flexibility and fast changeover

Non-Contact processing, so no "hard" clamping is required

Zero laser consumables

Download the latest Trotec Laser PDF Brochure for more information