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Stamps (Rubber)

Laser technology has revolutionized custom stamp production and has become extremely easy. The work stages required are greatly simplified with Trotec laser engraving equipment. Custom stamps can be produced within minutes. Stamp production using lasers is economical for both individual pieces and large volume production.

Our customers also appreciate the Trotec JobControl Software, which provides unbeatable advantages for producing custom stamps.

Only from Trotec: Multi-Color Option - a unique addition to Speedy 300 laser with which you can automatically produce multi-coloured stamp impressions—easy, quick and clean.

Using a Trotec laser to engrave rubber and make rubber stamps

Rubber engraving and manufacturing rubber stamps (text plates) using Trotec laser engraving machines is easy and fast. With our laser engraving machines, you can produce rubber stamps with text, logos, or even pictures. In addition, our Multi Colour Jet can be used for automatic production of multi-colour rubber stamps.

How does laser engraving of rubber work?

Trotec laser machines have been perfectly designed for engraving rubber. For laser engraving rubber stamps, the text must be mirrored and inverted. This is automatically done by the Trotec JobControl system. Also, using the Trotec JobCreator, type-setting a rubber stamp is even easier!

What do you need to look for when engraving rubber stamps?

Laser engraving rubber for rubber stamps produces a great amount of dust. In order to be safe, this dust must be extracted and filtered reliably and efficiently by an exhaust system. In addition, all dust-sensitive components including above all of the lenses, mirrors, electronics, motors and axes, must be protected from dust. We recommend covering your Trotec laser machine with a dust sheet when not in use.

What types of laser rubber are available?

Trotec offers a wide range of rubbers for rubber stamp production. Odorless or ecological rubbers, oil-resistant stamp rubbers, or micro-porous foam. Click here to learn more about Trotec laser rubber.

Is it possible to cut laser rubber with the laser?

Absolutely! The Trotec JobControl laser software offers various options for automatic cutting out of rubber, whether round, square, or optimized. It is also possible to cut webs, where the cutting lines are interrupted at defined points.

What other materials can I work with?

A CO2-laser can be used for engraving or etching a wide range of other materials, such as wood, glass, rubber, acrylic and plexiglass, plastics, leather, paper, textiles or foams. Look for our product recommendations below.

Download the latest Trotec Laser PDF Brochure for more information