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Engraving stone based materials is a great application for lasers. Special types of stone, for instance polished, very dark types, such as granite, marble or basalt create particularly good results. The more homogeneous and fine-grained the stone, the better the results achieved with the laser engraver. Another excellent material is white marble - The laser engraver produces a non-contrasting, high quality, lightly engraved effect.

Deep engraving is not possible as the laser beam melts the material, making the result almost indiscernible. The best results in stone engraving are achieved with large surfaces or greyscale images.

Laser engraving on granite, marble, slate or pebble stones

Laser engraving on stone offers incredible design options. Using a Trotec laser engraving machine, even detailed photographs and graphics can be replicated precisely on the stone.

How does laser engraving on stone work?

Laser engraving melts the stone's surface. As it works directly on the stone, you don't need to produce a stencil.

What types of stones can be engraved using a laser?

Laser engraving works particularly well on polished, dark natural stones, such as granite, marble, or slate. The more consistent and fine-grained the stone, the better the results produced by laser engraving the stone. Due to their smooth surface, even pebble stones can be etched with a laser. Another ideal candidate for unique stone engraving is white marble, as a Trotec laser engraving machine can produce a continuous white stone engraving.

What effect can I achieve by lasering on stone?

Laser engraving on stone can be compared to "matting" of the material. Deep engraving of the stone is not possible as the laser melts the material, making the result almost invisible. Best results when engraving stone can be achieved on large surfaces or grayscale images. Typical applications for laser engraving on stone include tombstones, paperweights or decorations. Special, laser-engravable stone tiles are also available and can be used to create unique and individualised products and gifts.

Certain types of stone are ideal for laser marking. Best results can be achieved with polished, preferably dark stones, as homogeneous or fine-grained as possible – such as granite, marble, or basalt. Surprisingly, pebbles are also a good fit for laser marking. Some light stones, such as white marble, can also offer sleek results.

The process of laser stone markings actually more of a "matting" process. Deep engraving and cutting are not possible, as the laser beam then melts the stone and the visible result is negligible. However, dark and polished stones allow engraving of both large surfaces/areas or grayscale pictures.

Is it possible to cut stone with the laser?

No, you can't cut stone with a laser.

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