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Speedy 300 Flexx

Maxximum flexxibility with CO2 laser and fiber laser in one laser machine

Trotec lasers are the fastest and most productive systems available.

The Speedy 300 Flexx has both CO2 and Fibre laser sources in the one laser system. One laser plotter, two laser sources, countless possible applications

The unique Speedy 300 flexx is a flatbed laser in a class of its own. It ensures exxtra speed and maxximum flexxibility in your applications. Mark and engrave virtually anything: from plastics or wood through to glass or metal, and even workpieces with mixxed materials - in a single process! For the first time, a CO2 and a fiber laser source have been integrated in a Speedy.

Expand your business field

... with the Speedy 300 flexx, the universal laser cutting and laser engraving machine. Use both laser sources in one job, without having to change the laser tube, the lenses or the focus manually. The Speedy 300 flexx is truly impressive with 5G acceleration and a maximum speed of 3.55 m/s – this ensures maximum productivity for the Trotec user.

Additional Info

Materials: Acrylic, Films & foils, Foam, Glass, Leather, Metal, Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Stone, Textiles, Wood

Laser Type: CO2 laser, fiber laser

Laser power: 25-80 watt CO2 laser, 10-50 watt fiber laser

Work area: 726 x 432mm (29 x 17 inch)

Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 1090 x 890 x 590mm

Max. workpiece height: 200mm (7.8 inch)

Max. engraving speed: CO2 (355cm/s - 5g acceleration) and Fibre (200cm/s - 5g acceleration)

Mechanical design: Fully enclosed chassis with double safety interlock system laser safety class 2, CE compliant maintenance-free, brushless DC servo motors InPack-Technology

Standard Features: Air assist, Air-flushed optics, Autofocus with sensors, Bi-directional communicationExhaust unit control, Ferro-magnetic work table, Flexx function, Focus Lenses, JobControl, Improved dust protection, InPack technology, Laser pointer, Software autofocus, Trolley table

Optional Features: Atmos Laser Exhaust System, Cutting tables, iCut laser cutting software, Laser power upgrade, Multi Color JetPostscript converter, Rotary engraving attachment, Temperature sensor, TroCamVacuum table


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