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Rayjet 50: Desktop Laser for Engraving, Marking, and Cutting

Easy installation, operation and maintenance

Lifetime support by the manufacturer

Up to 10 Years Warranty

Key features include:

Outside Dimensions: 28.5”W x 16.5”H x 26.7”D

457 x 305mm bed size (Engraving Area: 18” x 12”)

30W Synrad CO2 laser power (12 to 50 watts available)

Fully integrated air-assist for superior results

Fully integrated filter system (no ducting required)

Outside Dimensions: 28.5”W x 16.5”H x 26.7”D
Engraving Speed: 60”/sec

The Laser you can't buy!

Ever thought about the testing the waters of laser engraving but wary of the up-front financial commitment? Then the brand new Rayjet[e] is exactly what you are looking for your traffolyte labels, anodized aluminium signs, trophies and promotional items!

Made in Austria by Trotec Laser the Rayjet[e] is the latest innovation on the laser market. It gives you all the opportunities you need to find out how laser engraving makes your business more profitable without the long term financial commitment. It’s the laser you can’t buy!

The Rayjet 50 is a high quality desktop laser engraving, marking, and cutting system.

  • Ideal for professional engravers and first time laser buyers, regardless of the application.
  • Easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Offers the best possible return on investment for any laser in its class.


RayPack-Technology® protects dust sensitive mechanical components, optical elements, and electronics. This level of protection virtually eliminates normal wear-and-tear. This means lower maintenance costs, less downtime, and more productivity.

Auto focus:

To achieve the best results, there is a fixed distance between the focusing lens and the object being processed. The auto focus function maintains this proper distance by automatically adjusting the engraving table in relationship to the focusing lens.

Laser pointer:

The actual lasing beam is invisible to the human eye, so the Rayjet is fitted with a visible red laser pointer. This device is coaxial with the lasing beam and will show you exactly where the mark will be placed, without impacting the part.

Rayjet Commander Software:

To develop the image or text to be processed, several commercially available programs can be used. These include, among others, CorelDRAW, EngraveLab or the Rayjet Job Creator package. As with an office printer you can download your creation directly to the Rayjet and get the output there. To make the process even easier the Commander software includes a list of material based pre-sets based on a color pallet.

Accessories for The Rayjet Desktop Laser


Honeycomb Cutting Table

Cutting through the material, requires the use of the optional honeycomb cutting table. The design of this component reduces the “back reflection” tendency of a solid surface table which can damage the back surface of the part being cut. This open area design also enhances handling the smoke and debris that can be caused by the laser cutting process.

Cylindrical Engraving Device

The cylindrical device is necessary when processing parts with a round profile, such as wine bottles, glasses and other such items. (Max. part length 285 mm/11.2", max. diameter 139 mm/5.4"). The part is easily clamped in the cyclindrical devices and programmably rotated during processing.

Air Assist

In some applications, such as cutting, the result is greatly enhanced by delivering compressed air to the work surface. This helps to control any flame-ups as well as helps in keeping the engraving area clean.

Floor Mounted Base

As an option, the Rayjet can be supplied with a floor stand for easy relocation. The stand is fitted with locking casters to provide a firm and rigid work platform.

Integrated Exhaust System Atmos Compact

Many applications create dust, debris or smoke during processing. To help keeping the machine in good working order and more importantly to get the best lasing results, it is mandatory that an exhaust solution is introduced to the laser. One of the options is a self contained filtered exhaust system, that can also be the machine base. This minimizes floor space and creates even a more mobile system.

Multi Color Jet

With the Multi Color Jet, Trotec and Trodat have further optimized the Multi Color stamp production process. While the Trotec laser engraves the stamp text plate, the Multi Color Jet inks the ink cartridge (stamp pad), previously cut using the laser. As both procedures are performed simultaneously, they are both finished quickly, just like a traditional stamp production process.

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